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Tap Schedule on the Home screen then Time Strike.

TimeStrike AX1.2.jpg

Each time you enter this screen, the current time strike schedule will be displayed. Green hours will sound and gray hours are quiet. If a time strike schedule has not yet been defined, the ALL tab will be selected and no hours will be turned on.

When you are finished making changes, tap Save to Schedule. You may exit this screen without saving changes by tapping the home button.


When the ALL tab is selected, you can create one ringing schedule for all seven days. To make a unique schedule, choose that specific day. Once there is a difference between days, ALL cannot be selected until all days are cleared again. If most of your days have the same or similar ringing schedules, it's best to schedule ALL first, then edit any day as necessary.

You may tap any hour to select or deselect. Use the red 9a to 9p button to specifically select or deselect this block of time. The red All/Clear button will select or deselect all 24 hours.

To disable clock chiming, tap the Clear All Days button, then tap Save to Schedule.

Select Quarters

Once you have set your ringing schedule, you can move on to how you want your quarter hours to sound. Tapping the Quarters button cycles through the following selections:

Top Only
Rings the top of the hour only
Top and Half
Adds the half hour between consecutive active hours
Full Quarters
Adds all four quarter hours between consecutive active hours

When hours are turned off in the middle of the ringing schedule, the last enabled hour will ring at the top, the next enabled hour will ring at the top, and no quarters will ring in between.

Select Style

Choose how you want the bells to sound by tapping the Top Style and Other Quarters Style buttons to select the ringing style. The other quarters button is available only when the half-hour or full selection is made on the Quarters button.

Melody (musical note icon)
Will play the selected chime melody before tolling the top of the hour
Will play the selected chime melody instead of a single toll on other quarters
Toll (hammer icon)
Will toll the number of the hour at the top
Will toll one time on other quarters

Select Melody

If you selected Melody, choose your Time Strike Melody using the selection bar. The default option, Westminster Clock Chime, is most common. Twelve other options are supplied with the system at this time. If you have recorded your own custom clock chime it will appear in the list. For information on naming your own melody, see Custom clock chime melodies section below.

You may audition the different melodies using the Play Selection menu from the home screen. To find and play chime strike melodies, choose Show All Categories, and search for Clock Chime.

Custom clock chime melodies

For the system to include your custom melodies in the Time Strike settings, you need to record, using your keyboard, four chime recordings. These four recordings need to be titled as follows where (Name) is the common name of your chime.

Recording title for the top of the hour (00 minutes)
"(Name) Clock Chime"
Recording title for the half hour (30 minutes)
"(Name) Half Hour"
Recording title for the first quarter (15 minutes)
(Name) First Quarter"
Recording title for the third quarter (45 minutes)
(Name) Third Quarter"

Even if you don't ring them, all four quarters must have a recording named exactly in this way. Consider using a tolling instrument for recording clock chimes so that they sound like the hour strike bell.

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