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Management Suite provides a setup menu for tower bell control for Platinum and Millennium electronic carillons that have the option installed.



Assign tolling bell

Click the button at the top of the screen to select which bell will be used for funeral tolling.

Set tolling tempo

Adjust the slider at far right (green area) to set the Toll Speed. Slide up for faster and down for slower tolls. The seconds between tolls will be displayed at the bottom.

Assign swinging motors

If motors are installed that actually swing the bells, check the boxes at the bottom to indicate which bells have motors. If a motor fails, and a hammer is available for that particular bell, un-checking the box will cause the bell to ring using the hammer with the simulation setting.

Adjust swinging simulation

For bells without swinging motors (and all stationary hung bells), the system will simulate the sound of a swinging action. These parameters have no effect when the bell swings using a motor.

Cycle time

The sliders under each bell (yellow area) sets the the time that the bell simulation takes to cycle back and forth. Lower numbers (slider up for faster ringing) are used for smaller bells. A rough idea of how fast various weight bells ring is given in the left margin.


The cadence slider (blue area) adjusts the portion of total time the bell swings forward (while the virtual rope is being pulled). Lower numbers (slider up) will have a more pronounced back swing.

Coasting delay

The tolling hammers are locked for bells that are swinging, but after the motors are turned off, their hammers should be locked until the bells come to a full stop. In the absence of motion feedback, the number at the lower left of the window parameter should be set to the number of seconds the largest bell takes to stop after its motor is turned off. The default value is 120 seconds. The maximum is 240 seconds (four minutes).

Save settings

To save these settings, you must pull down the Device menu and select Install Tower Bells Option and Settings. The system will reboot when this is complete.

Help > Operating manuals > Management Suite