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The Swinging bell timing menu is available on all Chime Master Libertas bell control systems. Set and test each swinging bell channel for simulation tempo and motor control.

Open the menu

Open the Swinging bell setup menu by pressing the front panel green Enter button so that you read Main Menu on the top line of the display. Press any gray cursor button until the flashing lower line reads System Setup Menu then press the Enter button again.

The top line should now say System Setup Menu and you may press any gray cursor button until the lower line is blinking Swinging Bell Timing. One more press of the Enter button will get us there.

The screen will display the following menu:

 Swing Bell 1 Timing
 Swing:4.0 BackSw:44%

The number of the swinging bell channel is shown on the top line.


The setting on the lower left of the display will be blinking. You can press the cursor right button to make the lower right parameter blink.

While the parameter is blinking, you can use the up and down cursor buttons to adjust it.



The bottom left Swing parameter indicates the number of seconds the bell simulation takes to cycle back and forth. Lower numbers (faster ringing) are used for smaller bells. Setting the parameter beyond the fastest setting will indicate Mtr that indicates that the system will use a swinging motor (if available) to ring instead of simulating the swinging action with the tolling hammer (leaving the bell hanging stationary).


The bottom right parameter indicates the percentage of total time the bell swings forward (while the virtual rope is being pulled). Lower numbers will have a more pronounced back swing. This parameter has no effect when a swinging motor is used to ring the bell.

Select and test bells

Select the bell channel to adjust by pressing the its numeric keypad button. It will ring when you do so if there is a working tolling hammer or clapper on the bell.

Press the green Play button to test the selected bell's swinging function for fifteen seconds.

Exit the menu

Pressing the red Cancel button at any time will exit the menu and save your changes.