Note: this legacy feature is no longer supported.

If you have a touch screen system, click for instructions here: Advanced eXperience Remote.

Call 800-344-7464 for upgrade information.

Sideload Android App to Kindle Fire

Download: ChurchBellRemote.apk to transfer to your Android device via USB. The instructions below describe downloading from the device's browser.

Amazon created the Kindle to sell apps through their own app store. For this reason, the Play store is not available for downloading Chime Master Apps. Until a Fire version of the apps are available, they must be sideloaded.

Kindle Fire 6 - New out of box installation

  1. Un-box the tablet and turn it on. Swipe in the direction of the arrow for the setup menu. Set the preferences for language, connect to your Wi-Fi (one with Internet access).
  2. Register to an Amazon account. We need to obtain an app (free) from Amazon to do the installation, so we need the account set up with your user name and password. You can un-register the Fire after installation is complete so anyone can use it without reading your books.
  3. Continue with the setup for time zone, backup preferences (No), social networks (Continue), Prime (Continue without FREE Two-Day Shipping - below the big gold button).
  4. The Welcome to Fire app will launch and you can either proceed to go through it or skip it (Skip).
  5. Select Apps from the top menu. Start the Shop Amazon app from the shopping cart icon. Type ‘ES File’ in the search bar. When you see ES File Explorer in the list under Apps and Games, select it. Tap ‘Buy from the app store,’ then tap the gold button labeled ‘FREE,’ twice and it will turn green ‘Get App’ so tap it a third time. The button eventually becomes a download status bar graph.
  6. Tap the home button at the bottom, swipe down for status, tap the top right gear to open settings, find and open Applications. The top option is Apps from Unknown Sources and will be set to Off. Tap On to enable this option and the system will warn you about the safety of this option so Tap to accept the warning. This is a temporary setting until the remote app is loaded.
  7. Tap the home icon. Open the Silk Browser. In the URL bar type ‘' and scroll down the page until you find the Mobile App paragraph describing the Kindle Fire with a link to the Android APK. Tap the link to download the file. Complete the action using ES File Explorer. The browser may ask for the login credentials again (no cookies).
  8. When downloading is complete, tap Open the Folder. This will open ES File Explorer in the Downloads folder. Long press on the ChurchBellRemote.APK file and select the scissors icon at the bottom of the page to cut it from the download folder. If we are a new user of the device, it will continue to give us tips along the way that need to be observed and canceled.
  9. At the top of the ES File Explorer app, tap the left side of the header to select the parent directory listed to the left of Download (this may be different for you, it is labeled ‘0’ for us). Tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen to create a new folder and name it ‘OtherApps.’ Tap OtherApps to open the folder and tap the clipboard icon at the bottom to Paste the app here.
  10. Tap the ChurchBellRemote.APK file and select Install. To approve the installation, tap Install at the bottom of the screen.
  11. Tap Home in the bottom menu. Tap Apps at the top menu. Select the Device switch at the top of the Apps screen. Long press the Church Bell Remote icon. Select Add to Home.
  12. Tap Home and swipe down from the top of the screen then tap the top right gear icon for Settings. Find and open Applications. The top option is Apps from Unknown Sources and will be set to On. Tap Off to disable this option.
  13. If other people will be using the tablet, look for My Account in the Settings menu and use it to unregister the Fire from your Amazon Account. ES File Explorer and any other apps you have bought from Amazon will unload, but the Church Bell remote app will remain for use.
  14. Connect to the Wi-Fi network that your carillon is connected to and continue to set it up and use it as described in the its help file or Management Suite manual like any other Android device.