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Remote menu button

The Management Suite Remote Control panel looks and operates very similar to the front panel of your carillon. The keypad operates the same, and the display will show exactly what appears on the carillon panel. You can remote control the carillon by using this screen. Click the Remote Control button on the main menu to open the remote panel shown below. Refer to the Carillon operating manual for operational features and menus.

Use with keyboard performance

Avoid using this remote panel while playing from the MIDI keyboard. The Recording Librarian screen can be used instead for best results. If you need all of the features of the remote control panel before and after your performance, we advise that you freeze the display screen by clicking on it while playing the keyboard. The area around the display will turn gray to indicate that the screen is not updating.

An alternative to mouse-clicking buttons in the Remote Control is to use your computer keyboard. Refer to the following table for these shortcuts:

Carillon Keypad PC Keyboard
numeric numeric
Cancel/Stop esc
Enter/Play return
Cursor cursor
end (to Exit)

Control from Anywhere

Remote App

Common remote functionality is provided with the Church Bell Remote mobile app.

Networking to a remote desktop workstation

In addition to the smart phone/tablet app,, Team Viewer, and are additional resources for remote control software that allow you to control the carillon from other computers and mobile devices.

You can customize the button sizes for fitting your touch-screen tablet or smart phone that you use to remote into your system. Use the Button Size and Button Layout options under the View menu to arrange the buttons to fit your screen.

Also see information about extending the USB port of the carillon to your office PC.

Help > Operating manuals > Management Suite