Premium long-throw horn specification

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The Chime Master premium long-throw horn speaker is an weatherproof wide dispersion horn that allows electronic carillon bells to be heard at a distance from the tower. The horn is constructed with dark non-resonant fiberglass with a spun aluminum re-entrant throat assembly. The driver attaches to the rear entry of the horn with a standard threaded attachment.

The use of horizontally mounted rectangular horns projects the sound over a wide angle and longer distance than traditional round horns. Round horns will also project downward so the sound is too loud near the sound source, and upwards, wasting sound power. This also makes the speaker ideal for a community warning system when mated with an optional siren driver.

Premium long-throw horn

  • Made in Texas, USA
  • Angle adjustable heavy duty bracket with positive lock
    • Bracket can be easily rotated to mount speaker on a side wall
  • Air column length 54 inches
  • Low frequency limit 115 Hz
  • Horizontal dispersion angle 120 degrees
  • Vertical dispersion angle 65 degrees at 2 KHz
  • Female thread 1-3/8 - 18 threads per inch
  • Dimensions
    • Height is 12 inches
    • Width is 22 inches
    • Depth is 17 (without driver)
  • Weight 14.5 lbs

Premium driver

  • Made in Texas, USA
  • Compression driver requires a horn load
  • Voice coil impedance 16 Ohms
  • Optional 70V transformer
  • Voice coil diameter 2 inch
  • Power rating
    • Unfiltered 60 Watts
    • with 300 Hz High-pass filter 100 Watts
  • Frequency response 100 to 3,700 Hz
  • Male thread 1-3/8 - 18 threads per inch
  • Sound level
    • 1 Watt at 1 meter 112.7 dB
  • Dimensions
    • Diameter is 6-3/8 inches
    • Depth is 6-7/8 (without horn)
  • Weight 8.7 lbs.