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Opening the menu

Open the Play selections menu by pressing the front panel green Enter button so that you read Main Menu on the top line of the display. Press any gray cursor button until the flashing lower line reads Play Selections then press the Enter button again.

Something similar to the following screen will appear (the blinking cursor position is shown in bold).

Edit  Play NONSTOP
0000 001 Time(s)

Navigating the menu

Initially, the cursor buttons will move between the Edit and Play options.

Play previously selected program

If you have previously used this menu to play something, the last selection(s) will already be entered on the lower line. To play this selection again, use the cursor right button to select Play and press the green Play button.

Editing the selections to play

To edit or create a new program to play, select Edit using the cursor buttons and then press the Enter button.

Add or modify an event selection

If the selection is zero already or you want to change it, simply key over the old selection with the new code. Refer to the listings of functional macro codes for random music selections or the music and bell ringing catalog (PDF) for specific selection codes available.

Before you have completed entering all four digits of a selection, the cursor left button will backspace for corrections, and the red Cancel button will clear the selection so you can start over.

The lower line holds up to four selections, or one selection repeated from 1 to 199 times. Enter the new selection number and then number of times to repeat. Press 0 then the Enter button for the repeat count if you wish to play more than one selection.

On screen title lookup

Press the cursor down button while the selection selection field is blinking to obtain an online listing of most ringing codes. Depending on your system, as many as three different types of music or ringing will be available. Press the green Enter button to select the listing to browse, then use the cursor buttons to select the alphabetical entry point to the listing and press Enter again. You may now cursor up and down through the list to find your desired selection.

When you select the title of the selection with the green Enter button, the code for the selected title will be entered in the schedule.

Stop or Nonstop Play

When you have entered your selections in the bottom line of the screen, use the grey cursor button that points to the right, this will move the flashing selection to STOP or NONSTOP.

When STOP is displayed and multiple selections are programmed, or a single selection is programmed to repeat, the system will pause between selections to wait for you to press the Play button on either the panel or a remote control before playing the next selection.

When STOP mode is selected for repeated selections, the unit does not count how often the selection is played. The selection will be ready to play each and every time the Play button is pressed until the Stop button is pressed.

When NONSTOP is displayed, the system will play without stopping until the entire performance, including repeats, is completed.

Closing the menu

When you are finished using the Play selections menu, press the red Cancel button until you see the current date and time on the display.