Roof mount bracket installation (PDF download)


Assemble the frame

Attach the legs to the square frame using supplied 5/16 by 3/4 long bolts. Put the bolt heads on the inside of the bracket to make it possible to install the nuts with split washers on the outside with a socket wrench. Orient the legs so that the bottom feet mounting holes are on two opposite sides of the frame. Tighten all eight bolts at the top of the frame.

Attach the feet to the bottoms of the legs using supplied 5/16 by 3/4 long bolts, split washers and nuts. Leave these bolts only snug so that the feet can swivel to the roof pitch.

Mount the frame

Put the frame over the roof peak and try to locate the two upwind feet over a roof truss. Place the supplied rectangular sealing strips under each foot. Drill a 9/64 inch pilot hole for all eight lag bolts that will hold the bracket to the roof. Use the supplied 5/16 by 2 lag bolts and flat washers to secure the frame.

Attach the speaker horns

Pre-assemble the drivers and wire before hoisting the speakers to the roof. Secure each speaker on a top corner of the bracket with two 5/16 x 1 bolts and large flat washers (on top) and split washers and nuts on the bottom of the frame.

Eight speakers

Up to eight speakers can be mounted on the frame if the leg lengths are sufficient to allow four additional speakers to be slung under the frame top.