The carillon will generally be furnished with a switched 120VAC outlet in the center of the rear panel for the purpose of switching power to the amplifier when it is time to play. If there is no power outlet on the carillon, the amplifier will be plugged into an AC wall receptacle and idle when the system is not playing.


Always complete tower speaker installation before proceeding with the system connections inside. Unplug the system before working on any system wiring.

Audio input

Use a quarter inch unbalanced (only tip and sleeve) cable to connect the Line Output Outside jack on rear of the carillon to the top jack labeled CH 1 on the rear of the amplifier.

Configuration switch

The configuration switch is normally set so that the amplifier drives a single pair of wires to the tower speakers in bridged mode (amplifier in single channel mono mode with double the voltage output). All switches are positioned to the left except for 1, 6, 7 and 10.

Speaker line connection

The six terminal speaker connector can be removed with the supplied screw driver if it has not been packed separately. Connect the pair of wires from the tower to the middle two terminals. Plug the terminal back into the amplifier and tighten the two screws to secure it.

Power connections

The removable power cord plugs into the right end of the rear panel of the amplifier. Be sure to fully insert it. The standard amplifier does not have a locking power cord, so be careful that it does not work loose when positioning the system after hookup.

The plug end of the amplifier power cord plugs into the AC receptacle on the rear of the carillon system. If the carillon does not have a receptacle, the amplifier will be powered from an AC wall outlet.

The power cord from the carillon system can now be connected to the AC wall outlet.

Turn the power switches ON / 1 for both the carillon system and the amplifier.

Testing and level setting

Set the level control labeled ATTEN (attenuator) for Channel 2 all the way counter-clockwise. Set the level control labeled ATTEN (attenuator) for Channel 1 to about the 9 o-clock position. The numbers on the attenuator are for decibels of attenuation and larger numbers are quieter positions. As you gradually turn the Channel 1 attenuator clockwise, the music playing outside will get louder.

Press button 4 on the carillon, then the green Play button. This button is generally pre-programmed to play musical selections.

You can adjust the inside monitor level control with the cursor up and down buttons on the carillon (Monitor +/-). This level does not affect the outside volume level.

While making small clockwise adjustments, listen outside to be sure that the sound is clear and undistorted. If you hear distorted sound turn the level control counter-clockwise until it clears up again.

Additional level settings can be set in the weekly schedule. The default level is 6 and can be set from 1 to 8.

Secure the level controls

The supplied security plate should be installed to prevent tampering with the level adjustment and subsequent damage to the tower speaker drivers. The supplied screwdriver will fit the allen head screw that secures the plate.