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Carillons are optionally provided with a built-in 60 Watt (into 8 Ohm load) amplifier. If the part number label's second digit is 1 then the amplifier is internally wired for inside monitoring. In this case, the front panel cursor up and down buttons will control the level of the speaker output.

If the second digit of the carillon part number is 2 then the amplifier is configured to drive up to two outdoor speaker drivers. The inside monitor level controls will not affect the outside sound.


Always complete tower speaker installation before proceeding with the system connections inside. Unplug the system before working on any system wiring.

Speaker line connection

Turn the red and black binding posts counter-clockwise to loosen them for attaching the wire directly. If the wire does not fit through the holes in the posts as shown, it can be wrapped around the post before re-tightening the bindings.

Newer systems are shipped with a dual banana plug and screwdriver in the installation kit. Use the screwdriver to loosen the set screw through the hole in the rear of the plug and insert the wire into the hole in the side of the plug before re-tightening the set screw. Insert the banana plug into the red and black binding post concentric holes.

Power connections

The power cord from the carillon system can now be connected to the AC wall outlet.

Turn the power switch on (labeled 1 at the right end of the rear panel).

Testing and level setting

Press button 4 on the carillon, then the green Play button. This button is generally pre-programmed to play musical selections.

You can adjust the inside monitor level control with the cursor up and down buttons on the carillon (Monitor +/-). This level does not affect the outside volume level.

The level control to the left side of the amplifier heat sink can be set with the supplied flat bladed screwdriver. Rotate the adjustment counter-clockwise for quieter sound outside and clockwise for louder sound.

While making small clockwise adjustments, listen outside to be sure that the sound is clear and undistorted. If you hear distorted sound turn the level control counter-clockwise until it clears up again.

Additional level settings can be set in the weekly schedule. The default level is 6 and can be set from 1 to 8.