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This information is useful for replacing clock components and also to properly supply clock control equipement.

Basic information

  • Site name
  • Site location (City, State)
  • Contact name, email and phone
  • Owner name

Tower information

  • Walls
    • Material: wood, masonry, steel, other
    • Thickness
  • Provide sketch or construction prints

Clock information

  • Number of faces
  • Face
    • Diameter
    • Material: glass, metal, plastic, hybrid - translucent?
    • Thickness
  • Lighting
    • Lighting type: back lighting, front lighting
    • Technology: fluorescent, incandescent, LED
    • Switching: photocell, timer, almanac

Movement information

  • Provide photos of motors and nameplates of existing movement
  • Central drive to all faces or individual movements on each
  • Minute impulse or synchronous movement
  • Shaft diameter
  • Movement manufacturer
  • Model number
  • Serial number


  • Hand material (wood, copper, aluminum, other)
  • Sweep second hand?