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Your Platinum Edition Carillon comes with 19 voice combinations. You may setup preferred voices from these 19 combinations.

Opening the menu

Open the System Setup Menu by pressing the front panel green Enter button so that you read Main Menu on the top line of the display. Press the number 3 and the flashing lower line will read System Setup Menu then press the Enter button again. Press the number 2 and the flashing lower line will read Voicing Preferences then press the Enter button again.

It might look something like this:

Set Voice Preference
Split: No HB/Con Ch

Navigating the menu

You can use the gray cursor left and right buttons to cause either right or left prompts to blink. Music arrangement types and keyboards are on the left, the bell voicing options you can select for each are on the right.

Use the gray cursor up and down buttons to sequence through the available options that are blinking.

Shortcut keys

Pressing button 1 on the front panel (Swing on the remote) will change the voice to the next option.

Pressing button 2 on the front panel (Peal on the remote) will allow you to hear the selected arrangement in the selected voice.

Pressing button 2 on the front panel (Toll on the remote) will change the arrangement type to the next option.



Previous firmware versions display Ch&Hp. This indicates arrangements for a chime voice that plays the melody, with an optional harp bells voice that plays an accompaniment. All available chimes and accompaniment harp bells can be selected. You can also select No HB (no harp bells) if you want to hear only the melody line with no harmony or accompaniment.


This indicates arrangements for 61 note carillon music. The only options are the 61-bell carillon and harp bell voices.


Clock striking and stationary bell peals and rings will play on the voice selected here. All voices are available.

Keyboard voicing

More information about available options can be found on the Keyboard Voices page.


Two options are available for the primary keyboard:

  • Long Listing will allow you to browse all of the available keyboard voices in the keyboard modes using the voice select function button (4 on the remotes).
  • Preferred voicing will only present the two voices for Split and Full selected above. This simplifies the selection and keeps the sound of your carillon consistent with automatic ringing.


The only options for the secondary keyboard (if two organ manuals are available) are the 61-bell carillon and harp bell voices. This voice is always set for this keyboard regardless of the voice selected for the primary keyboard. This menu is the only place to change this voice.

Closing the menu

Pressing Enter will save changes and exit or you can use the left cursor to go back and choose another song to voice. Pressing the read Cancel button will exit without saving changes.