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Selection not found

When a selection is supposed to play, your carillon displays

Selection Not Found

If enough of these errors accumulate, the system will lock up with one of two notifications:

Excessive SD Card Errors
   Call for Service


Excessive COM Errors
   Call for Service

Follow the remedy below for SD Card Errors. Call 800-432-3977 for help with COM Errors.

Seasonal list empty

If when trying to play a random hymn, the display says the seasonal list is empty, the problem is simpler.

This is normal operation for Holy Week's Friday and Saturday if the Seasonal Option for OFF Good Fri/Sat is set to Yes.

For other seasons, see the Seasonal options troubleshooting section.


If the selection number is not valid, it will never be found. This will not result in a system lockup. Determine the correct selection code to use.

Eject and reinstall SD cards

If the selection code is valid, re-seat the SD card. On current models, the factory library is stored on an SD card on the side of the carillon as illustrated below. The user SD card with MP3 files is on the front panel. Both cards are covered by a protective panel which must be removed to access the card.


  1. Locate the cover plate on the right side of the carillon.
  2. Unscrew and remove the plate, exposing the SD card slot.
  3. Eject the card by pressing firmly into it.
  4. Reinsert the card back into the card slot.

Reset the error

  1. Power off the carillon
  2. Press and continue to hold the red Cancel button while turning the power back on
  3. The lower left of the display will briefly display the four digit selection number that couldn't be found and the number of errors
  4. Let go of the red Cancel button

Reset options

Erase Schedule and 
Setup Memory?

Answer by pressing the gray cursor down button No. The system will check the integrity of the schedule and delete any night-time ringing.

Clear Setup?

Answer by pressing the gray cursor down button No. After a few seconds, during which memory integrity check-sums are updated, the system will reboot.

Test system functionality

General selection test

Press button 4 then Enter to play a random song.

Failed selection test

If you saw the failed selection number while the system was resetting, you can play it now to be sure that it works after ejecting and replacing the SD card.

  1. Press Enter for the Main Menu
  2. Use the cursor down button to find Play Selections, and press Enter to select
  3. Press Enter to edit the selection number. Enter the four digit number and press Enter twice.

If the selection was found, you can press Enter again to play it. If the selection was not found, we need to determine if it is a valid selection.

If problems persist

Error codes

When powering on the system, errors in the audio file system will be displayed as a single digit code in the lower right hand corner of the Copyright display. When you call, this number may be helpful for troubleshooting.

1 - Communication error
2 - No card found or configuration error
3 - Index missing
4 - Millennium carillon with corrupted configuration
5 - Mismatched index for old card version
6 - Mismatched index for new card version

Call for help

If you continue to see these errors, call 800-432-3977 for help.