Remote control mobile app setup

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This is a walk through of a typical setup for three users. The names and passwords should be changed to suit your requirements. This basic setup requires and uses an existing church WiFi network. Ideally, both the PC and mobile devices would be connected to the same SSID.

An IT specialist may be required to set up a such network, if none exists, using a stand alone WiFi access point. He or she may also be able to help you forward the host port through your router and firewall to the public internet for remote control from anywhere.

If you have issues connecting after following this procedure, try restarting the WiFi router, computer, phone and or tablet. The most frequent solution is to connect all devices to the same network.

While this video uses Windows 10, it will run on previous versions.

Setup Management Suite on host PC


  • Chime Master 2200 series bell ringing system
  • A license code for the Premium Management Suite option
  • PC running Windows operating system
  • .NET framework 2.0 or greater installed
  • LAN or WLAN connection to the PC with WiFi access
  • USB cable to connect the bell ringing system to the PC


The Church Bell Remote mobile app requires that you have a networked PC running Management Suite connected to the USB port of your bell system. You must install and configure Management Suite on the host PC before setting up the mobile app on your phone or tablet.

  1. Download the Management Suite installation files from:
  2. Do not connect the bell system to the PC USB port until after you install the software.
  3. Disable third party antivirus programs on the PC during Management Suite installation.
  4. Install .NET if it is not on the PC already
  5. Run the installer (as administrator if possible).
  6. Plug the bell system into the USB port of the PC and wait for the drivers to load.
  7. Set up the desktop icon to run Management Suite as an administrator (see below).
  8. Start Management Suite. You may be warned that the program wants to make changes to you computer. This is normal for server software.
  9. Test functionality of Management Suite by launching the local Remote Control screen on the PC. You should see a copy of the carillon front panel display. Close the Management Suite Remote Control window.
  10. Apply your license code to Management Suite and close the program.
  11. Set up the Windows Firewall to allow incoming data from the remote control port (TCP 6777).
  12. Restart Management Suite. The splash screen should indicate that it is licensed to support the mobile apps.
  13. Open the Administration program from the Management Suite menu.
  14. Enable the mobile app server and restart Management Suite.
  15. Open the Administration screen and write down the host IP address for later entry in the mobile app. Add separate users for each mobile device. Remember the login credentials for each.
  16. Close the Administration program, and restart the Management Suite. It must be running at the main menu for the mobile app to connect to the bell system.

Video script

Download and install Management Suite

We are going to set up the Chime Master Church Bell remote mobile app.

First we will set up the Management Suite (download-link) on our host PC. Click the link and the file will begin to download.

We have removed the instruction to disconnect the system during installation. Also if Windows has been installed from a downloaded upgrade, .NET will not be installed. If .NET is not installed, see .NET Setup.

Also temporarily disable any third-party antivirus software before running the installer.

When the installation zip file has finished downloading, open it. We can close the browser window, find the setup application and double click it to begin.

Let's move the setup window off to the side so we can see when drivers install.

Agree to the EULA. next next next.. The software requires the .NET framework which is usually already a part of newer Windows systems. ... and close.

( strikethrough - connect the bell system to the host PC and) Wait for the drivers to install for the Millennium+ carillon. A notification that it is "ready to use" will appear when it is finished or you can click on the device setup icon to watch its progress. (Do not attempt to start the program until driver installation is complete - this may take a few minutes.)

Start and setup Management Suite

Right click the desktop start icon. Notice that the default action in bold is to OPEN. Select properties at the bottom of this context menu, click the advanced button and check RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. OK OK continue ...

Right clicking the start icon, we see the bold default action is to RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

Let's launch Management Suite to make sure it is functional. When we launch the Remote screen, we should see a copy of the bell system's display. Close the remote screen, and notice that the menu only shows the functionality included with the free version of Management Suite.


We can key in our license code to unlock the premium features by right clicking over the menu and selecting LICENSING

In addition to support for the mobile app - the premium license supports scheduling One time events and annual events Creating your own random play lists for each season and even more features for millennium and platinum carillons

After the license has been accepted, Management Suite must be restarted for the premium features to be registered.

Firewall setup

In windows 10, Setup the Windows Firewall by searching for FIREWALL and launching Windows Firewall advanced. see our installation instructions for other versions of windows.

Select Inbound Rules from the the left column, then New Rule from the actions window on the right.

The new rule is for a Port - not a program - it is a TCP port 6 7 7 7.

The rule allows the connection to the port and is applicable for all types of connections. We'll name it

Chime Remote
Setup the remote server host

Launch management suite and open the ADMINISTRATOR options panel.

To support the mobile remote app, we need to enable the host server when we start management suite. For this setting to take effect, we have to restart the management suite.

After restarting Management Suite, open the ADMINISTRATOR options again. Make a note of the App Host Address. This is the address of this PC on the local area network.

After we connect the mobile app to the network it will be able to reach the bell system host PC at this address. Note that this address probably will eventually change by itself unless it is made static. Your IT person can make this happen.

Next we will add User Accounts for those who will be logging into the bell system using mobile apps on their phones and tablets. You should set up a separate user for each phone or tablet that will be used.

First add Father Russ and set his password to rusty. We will trust him to do the right thing with access to all functions at all times.

Next we'll set up the account for the Sexton, Jerry. His password is justy. While strong passwords are encouraged, you want to remember that if you use strange characters you will have to find them on your phone's keyboard.

Jerry will only need the basic functions for funerals and weddings between 8 AM and 5 PM.

Finally add the Organist, Mike, with all features. His password will be musty.

We have to leave the management suite running with the main menu up at all times in order for the remote app to connect to the bell system. You can lock the PC while remaining logged in to prevent others from accessing the bell system through the PC's keyboard and display.

Setup mobile app


  • Apple or Android tablet or phone
  • Internet connection to Play or App store
  • Local WiFi connection to same network as host PC (Internet optional)


  1. Connect phone or tablet to the Internet
  2. Find and install Church Bell Remote Control from the App Store or Play Store
  3. Connect phone or tablet to the local church WiFi network (Internet connectivity is optional)
  4. Add host with IP address from host Management Suite setup notes
  5. Login to the user given permissions in Management Suite setup
  6. Test functionality

Video script

Install the remote control app

Next we will set up the mobile app on the phone or tablet.

We have to connect the phone to the Internet either through 4G or the church wifi network to get the app installed from the App Store or Play Store.

Launch the App Store or Play Store and search for CHURCH BELL REMOTE. Find the Chime Master Church Bell Remote.

Tap the INSTALL button.

The app will install automatically after it downloads, then we will exit the store.

Connect the phone to your WiFi

At this point, we need to be sure that we are connected to a wifi access point that is on the same local area network as the host PC that is running Management suite

Setup the app

Then launch the app from the app icon button.

The EULA is easy to agree with, and a reminder will pop up that we need to finish setting up our link to the host PC in the Settings menu. We are reminded again in the display at the top of the app.

Add the host server

Tap the Settings button - then HOSTS - then ADD, to create a new link.

You may later create a separate entry for the same system that you use while connected to the Internet from anywhere. This is an advanced topic, so for now we will name this host

    wifi at church

We need to edit the IP Address to match the one we made note of from the Management Suite's ADMINISTRATOR options panel.

Tap the name of the connection in the list to make sure it is selected before returning to SETTINGS.

The selected host will be displayed next to Host here in the settings menu and also in the gray area at the top of the remote screen.

Connecting and logging in

It may take a few seconds to make the connection. The connection timing can be lengthened in the SETTINGS menu if errors occur.

Once connected to the host, we are prompted for the User and Password for this phone.

We will log in as Mike, remembering to capitalize his name the way we entered it in the User Accounts window of Management Suite.

After authentication, you will see the remote control buttons that are enabled for the user who is logged in.

Using the remote

Tapping Monitor (plus) will turn up the inside speaker. After a tap on Peal the blue status line will indicate when we can tap PLAY to begin ringing.

Tap the STOP button when you want the bells to stop. (they will stop after a pre-programmed time anyway). The bell system indicates that it received an Operator Cancel and when the bells have finished ringing out, it indicates that it is in Standby mode awaiting our next command.

Tapping the selection entry button opens an edit window for selection entry. Tap this window for the keyboard.

Amazing Grace is selection 1 2 2 5 , then DONE

Tap selection entry again to close the entry screen.

Tap the back button (or home button) to close the remote control screen. This will log you out of the bell system.

To remove the app from memory, tap recent apps button and swipe the apps off of the screen.

When you launch the remote the next time, you will not have to type anything to log in. It should be ready to go, so long as your phone is connected to the church WiFi and the correct host has been selected.

Recommended equipment

Windows PC

This is a requirement, but it doesn't have to be fancy. For remote access, Management Suite must be running in its server mode on a PC. The mobile application communicates with the PC which relays the commands to the carillon that is connected to the PC's USB port.

If you don't connect the PC to the internet, you could use an old office PC running Windows XP. Inexpensive laptops are available for less than $200 at most department and big box stores.

What will not work:

  • Chromebooks
  • Apple or Android tablets
  • Windows RT
  • Windows 10s (the new student/sandbox version)

Access point

In order to network your phone/tablet and the Windows PC together, WiFi is required. If the church doesn't have WiFi available, you can set up your own local area WiFi network using an access point.

Old discarded internet routers with working WiFi radios can be used for local access points without an internet connection. New access points are not expensive. All of them need some setup using a connected PC. Some examples:


The most common problem is getting the mobile device and the PC running Management Suite on the same network. Often guest WiFi networks in the church are not connected or are firewalled from the office LAN.

  • If you are trying to connect to the public IP while in your facility, try turning WiFi off on your phone or tablet (no port reflection).
  • Check the mobile Remote Control app error messages
  • Try accessing the Management Suite host port from another PC browser. Enter the URL as IPaddress:Port (example: the IP will be different for you)
    • You should see a screen from the Millennium Suite server. If not, troubleshoot the network and firewalls.