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This mode is primarily used to play the keyboard inside only, which is useful for practicing before recording. The recording functions are all here if you want to save your performance.

Opening the menu

Open the Record menu by pressing the front panel green Enter button so that you read Main Menu on the top line of the display. Press any gray cursor button until the flashing lower line reads Record a Performance then press the Enter button again.

Something similar to the following screen will appear.

Concert Chime & Harp
Recd Play Save Voice

Notice that the green Outside light is off, indicating that the tower speakers are not on. The current voice selection will be displayed across the top line. Remote function buttons 1-3 control the record menu functions.

Practice mode

Change the bell voice

Pressing 4 on the front panel (F4) will cycle through the available bell voices. The last voice selected will be remembered. The voice selections will appear on the top line and the bottom line menu will remain the same. Platinum systems can be programmed to simplify this list of voices using the Voice Preference Setup screen.

Recording a selection

While looking at the record menu select option 1 (F1) The system will wait 15 seconds for you to begin playing. If you have an unsaved recording in the system, it ask you to replace or cancel.

The recording will stop when you have not played for more than 15 seconds, press Cancel or any other menu button.

Playback recording

While in the record menu pictured above, select function 2 Play to listen to your recording. The system will assign your recording the number 8000.

Save selection

From the record menu (displayed above) select function 3 Save (Press F3). The system will assign your selection a number starting with 8001 and increasing with each new saved recording. You can manage your records and add titles using the Recording Librarian.

Exiting Record mode

When you are finished you may end the performance by pressing the red Cancel button until you see the current date and time on the display. The system will cancel itself an hour after the last note has been played.

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