Platinum Advanced eXperience™

Listen to the Platinum AX


  • Color touch screen
  • Two 15 Watt front facing monitor speakers (stereo)
  • Aircraft aluminum chassis
  • Solid cherry face plate
  • Easy remote control with tablet or phone
    • Scan an onscreen QR image with your device's camera for instant remote app installation
    • Secure authentication connects you to the system anywhere you have Internet
    • Local short-range remote options are also available
  • Manage remotely using Chime Center
    • Includes one year free access to Premium Chime.Center,™ then optional annual subscription
  • Enhanced SmartAlmanac™
    • Follows the almanac calendar and plays music appropriate to the season automatically
    • 80-year Eastern/Western Roman/Orthodox calendars with all movable feasts and seasons
    • Add/remove seasons and assign appropriate music with Chime Center
  • Flexible clock ringing
    • keep time with customizable hour striking
    • options for quarter hours
    • twelve built-in clock chime melodies
    • create your own unique clock chime melody
  • Liturgical ringing
    • Hundreds of Peals, Tolls, Swinging, and Angelus bells to meet your congregation’s needs for Weddings, Funerals, Worship, Mass and Prayer.
  • Media file compatibility
  • Super-capacitor clock backup never needs replacing
  • Automatic daylight time correction


Cast bronze carillon instruments

All carillon instruments feature 73 bells (six full octaves) each, starting on C2

  • English carillon - cast bronze carillon from an historic English foundry
  • Flemish carillon - cast bronze carillon from the Flemish region
  • Savoie™ carillon - cast bronze carillon from the foothills of the Alps
  • Felice™ carillon - major third cast bronze bells (other cast bells have a minor 3rd harmonic)

Harp bell accompaniment instruments

All harp instruments feature at least 61 bells (five full octaves) each

  • Concert harp bells - Six-octave vibraharp (vibrato valves are open and stationary) (C2)
  • Millennium harp bells - Five-octave electro-mechanical harp bells (C2)

Chime instruments

Chime instruments feature at least 30 bells each

  • Orchestral chime - 1-1/2 inch diameter brass tubular bells (3 octave, C2)
  • Millennium chime - electro-mechanical chime (4-1/2 octave, C2)
  • Welsh chime - 5-6 inch diameter bronze tubular bells (4-1/2 octave, C2)

Tolling instruments

Tolling instruments feature at least 25 bells each. These bells are struck with heavy hammers and are generally used for clock and liturgical ringing. Mono music arrangements can also be performed on tolling instruments for a bolder statement.

  • Baltimore bells- 30 bells, G2
  • Boston bells, 30 bells, G2
  • Buckeye bells, 30 bells, G2
  • Millennium tolling bells, 30 bells G2
  • Orchestral tolling bells, 3-octaves, C2
  • Savoie™ bells, 35 bells, C2
  • St. Louis bells, 30 bells, G2
  • Troy bells, 30 bells, G2
  • Watervliet bells, 30 bells, G2
  • Welsh tolling bells, 4-octaves, C2

Swinging bell instruments

These bells are only used for liturgical ringing. They are not available on the keyboard.

  • Baltimore bells, 15 bells, G#3
  • Buckeye bells, 30 bells, G2
  • Savoie™ bells, 25 bells, G2
  • St. Louis bells, 23 bells, C3


Bell Music

Platinum AX Music List (PDF)

Our beautiful and expansive musical library has been performed by experienced church musicians.

Each song is available in up to five styles of arrangements:

  • Monophonic - melody only - suitable for any instrument, even the louder tolling bell instruments
  • Simple - begins with the melody then adds simple harmony - can be played on any chime or carillon instrument
  • Three-Octave - artistically arranged for any carillon instrument
  • Five-Octave - embellished carillon arrangements with deep tones and soaring arpeggios
  • Two-Part - melody on chime or carillon accompanied by an harp bell instrument

You can assign each arrangement style to its own bell instrument. Enable only your favorite arrangement style to create your own unique sound.

Audio recordings

  • Memorial selections on bagpipe, including Amazing Grace
  • Military selections on bugle, including Taps

User recordings

You can expand your library using a MIDI keyboard or compatible organ to add your own custom recordings. Chime Center also supports MIDI file loading so you can make your own arrangements using notation software such as Sibelius or Finale.


Platinum AX Ringing List (PDF)
More than 300 liturgical ringing functions make use of large bells

  • Time strikes with or without a preceding chime melody
  • Included chime melodies:
    • Westminster
    • Avondale
    • Bigelow
    • Christus Vincit
    • Let All Things Now Living
    • Lourdes
    • Parsifal
    • Praise Peal (Grosser Gott)
    • St. Michael’s
    • Warren
    • We Shall Overcome
    • Whittington
  • Tolling bells for memorials
    • Quick toll function with bell select, tempo and count/duration option
    • De Profundis toll on G2 bell
  • Swinging bells for times of Worship and Mass
  • Peals of multiple bells for festive occasions
  • Angelus and prayer bells

Premium Chime.Center subscribers will find Custom Ringing on Chime.Center's Music menu. You can use this screen to customize existing factory supplied ringing or create your own.

  • Combine swinging bells into custom peals
  • Make a permanent toll button with its own bell, tempo and duration options
  • Create custom time strike melodies

Library Upgrades

One add-on bundle is included in purchase price. Additional bundles can be purchased when you contact our office. Copyrighted music can only be used in the US. With an internet connection, the Platinum AX library can be expanded with these add-on bundles:

  • In Memoriam (licensed copyrighted music) PDF listing
  • Catholic (licensed copyrighted music) PDF listing
  • Maronite PDF listing
  • Inspirational Music (licensed copyrighted music)
  • Ethnic libraries such as Spanish, Greek, Polish, Ukrainian and others
  • others to be announced


High Definition Bell Instrumentation

A generous variety (over 900 and growing) of the most realistic bells provide your distinctive voice in the community.

  • All musical bell instruments can be played from the keyboard
  • Select preferred arrangements and instruments for almanac selected music
  • Cast bronze bells from different regions have distinctive timbres resulting from different foundry profile patterns
  • High Definition Advanced eXperience specifications
    • Original recordings are either 48k/24 or 5.6MHz DSD and stored on the system as at least 48k 24-bit PCM
    • Bell samples are stored and played in their entirety without looping (large bells may take more than two minutes to ring and decay completely)
    • Dynamic Headroom - up to 18 carillon bells can be struck simultaneously before distortion (velocity = 100)
    • Polyphony - there is no limit to the number of bells that can be decaying together


Rear panel view

  • MIDI keyboard support
    • Keyboard performance recording
    • Standard MIDI jack on rear panel
      • Supports two channels (2nd keyboard dedicated to harp-bell instruments)
    • USB connection will accept a USB controller or MIDI interface
  • Professional balanced audio outputs (two inside and two outside)
  • inSpire Amplifier control and fault detection
  • Network interface (wired or wireless - WiFi adapter included)
  • Optional wired or optical tower bells/clock interface



  • Handsome cabinet for tabletop use
  • Included rack mounting brackets
  • 16.5 W x 5.25 H x 8 D (inch)
  • 10 lb.