Keyboard Voices

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Millennium and Platinum Carillons
2201 Series Version 3.2 (2017 Update)
Also see Keyboard Voices ver3.0 for older system display prompts.

Voicing Preferences

Main Menu > System Setup Menu > Voicing preferences

Voicing preferences can be set for the following types of musical arrangements and dual keyboard performance and recording:

  • Split - dual voice and chime only arrangements (musical selections 1125-3999)
  • Full - Full five octave carillon single voice arrangements (add 3000 to Ch&Hp selection)
  • Clock - Time strike and special ringing other than Tolls and Swinging Bells
  • Keyb1 - Keyboard 1 - Primary keyboard or single keyboard choices are:
    • Music Setting simplifies keyboard screen to toggle between preferred split and full voices
    • Long Listing provides all factory provided keyboard voices (four for Millennium, nine for Platinum)
  • Keyb2 - Keyboard 2 - Secondary keyboard channel for dual keyboard (MIDI Organs)
    • Set preferred voice from available 61-bell carillon and harp bell voices
    • This voice is always used regardless of primary voice selected

The Chimes in the Long Listing mode are already matched with a suitable Harp Bell voice at the factory.

When the Music Setting is selected for the keyboard mode, and No Harp Bells is selected for the harp voice, then the Concert Harp will be active on the left side of the keyboard along with the selected Chime. Automatic chime selections will play without the harp accompaniment.

Available Voice Combinations

The difference between Platinum and Millennium carillons is the number of available voices and the warranty period. Voices listed below that are only available on the Platinum carillon are marked with a bold P.

System display abbreviation, where needed, is in italics. Split keyboard voices display the left hand voice on the left and the right hand voice on the right, separated by a slash.

Keyboard Voice Selection

This is the list of voices selected for the primary keyboard by pressing the Voice button in the keyboard modes.

  • English Carillon
  • Concert Harp Bells/English Chime ConcertHB/EnglishCh
  • Concert Harp Bells/Concert Chime ConcertHB/ConcertCh
  • Concert Harp Bells/Flemish Chime ConHB/FlmCh P
  • Flemish Carillon P
  • Millennium Harp Bells/Millennium Chime MilHB/MilCh P
  • Millennium Harp Bells/Welsh Chime MilHB/WelshCh P
  • Concert Harp Bells (full keyboard)
  • Millennium Harp Bells (full keyboard) P

Music Arrangement Voices

Full Five Octave Instruments

  • Full English Bronze English
  • Full Flemish Bronze Flemish P
  • Full Concert Harp Concert HB
  • Full Millennium Harp Millennium HB P

Split keyboard Harp Bells/Chime

Fifteen combinations are available with the Platinum carillon and six combinations with the Millennium carillon. Setting the voice for Split as a No Harp will cause factory hymn arrangements to be chosen that play only the melody (with no harmony) with the right hand only. With a harp bells voice selected, the melody may occasionally play on the harp instrument.

  • harp bells
    • No Harp Bells No HB/
    • Concert Harp Bells ConHB/
    • Millennium Harp Bells MilHB/ P
  • Chimes
    • English Chime /EngCh
    • Concert Chime /ConCh
    • Flemish Chime /FlmCh P
    • Welsh Chime /WelCh P
    • Millennium Chime /MilCh P


The chime/carillon voice that is selected with the Voice button for keyboard 1 at the time a user recorded selection is saved, will be saved with the selection. That voice will used to perform that selection as long as Voicing Preference menu changes are not made after the recording is saved.

  1. If voicing preference for Keyboard 1 is changed from Music Setting to Long Listing or vice-versa, unpredictable changes in the selection's voicing may occur.
  2. On dual keyboard installations, if the voicing preference is changed for Keyboard 2, recordings previously made using keyboard 2 will play back using the new preferred voice.
  3. Selecting NoHp (No Harp) as the preference for "Ch&Hp," while the Music Setting is selected for "Keyb1" the Concert Harp will be used for the Harp part. This would not be a factor if a solo chime was recorded.