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Keyboard Voices

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Voicing Preferences
*Full - full five octave carillon single voice arrangements (add 3000 to Ch&Hp selection)
*Clock - Time strike and special ringing other than Tolls and Swinging Bells
**this includes change ringing and orthodox ringing (what else?)
*Keyb1 - Keyboard 1 - Primary keyboard or single keyboard choices are:
**'''Music Setting''' provides two selections: Ch&Hp Split and Full preferences
**'''Long Listing''' provides all factory provided keyboard voices
*Keyb2 - Keyboard 2 - Secondary keyboard channel for dual keyboard (MIDI Organs)
**This voice is always used regardless of primary voice selected
The Chimes in the "Long Listing" mode are already matched with a suitable Harp Bell voice at the factory. These combinations cannot be changed.
The Concert Harp will also be active on the keyboard with the Chime in the split keyboard modes even though NoHp No Harp is selected for Chime and Harp arrangements.
== Available Voice Combinations ==

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