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Using SD Cards

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Why mono?: is now Mono vs. Stereo and Editing
Mode = Mono
===== Why mono? Mono vs. Stereo and Editing =====The MP3 file’s left channel goes to the outside speakers and the right channel plays inside. If the file is to play both inside and outside, create a mono file. Because the data rate is constant, a mono (single channel) file will encode with higher sound quality than a two channel file. To prevent music with significant low frequency content (modern pop music or pipe organ selections) from damaging the outside horns, we recommend that you prepare full range music files so that all of the audio is on the right channel, so that it plays inside only.
Mixing to mono can be done with CDex. For Mixing and muting one channel or the other, you need to use a program such as [ Audacity]. For best results, extract the tracks in CDex as WAV files, edit/mix the channels in Audacity, then export the track using an MP3 plugin (also available for download [ here]).
You can also use the editor to filter frequencies below 300 Hz that are potentially damaging to outside horn speakers.
==== CDex operation ====

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