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Naylors and Vickers

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Sheffield England foundries producing cast steel bellsbetween 1853 and 1902:
*Naylor & Vickers Foundry, from 1828 to 1867
*S. Vickers & Sons, Ltd., from 1867 to 1921
In 1921, Vickers engineers developed a hardness test for metal as an alternative to the Brinell method. Vickers was a military contractor for armor, and plating for ships as well as marine propellers.
More than 200 of the nearly 1000 Naylor Vickers bells were imported to the United States. Some notable Vickers steel bells still existing in the US:
*Faneuil Hall, Boston MA - 1866, 72 inches in diameter
*Flight 93 Memorial Chapel, Shanksville PA - Palistinian Greek Orthodox - 'Thunder Bell' tolls at 10:03 AM on September 11
*Holy Cross Catholic Cathedral, Boston MA - Five bell peal in 1859
*Church of the Nativity Episcopal, Huntsville AL - made in 1865, 42-1/2 inches in diameter, 3900 lbs.
*St. James AME, Savannah GA - cast in honor of the first black chaplain of the Civil War

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