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Bell Instruments

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Terms used to describe the playing action
=== Rope pulled tolling hammer ===
The simplest way to play a bell is to pull a rope that is connected to a tolling hammer or clapper.
Care must always be taken when ringing a bell this way that the bell is not swinging. Always allow the bell time to come to a full stop before pulling on the tolling rope. If the hammer contacts the bell while it swings, the hammer arm as well as the bell can suffer damage. Also be sure to release tension as soon as the hammer contacts the bell. Your bell could be damaged by holding the hammer against the bell as it rings, and it really doesn't sound pretty.
=== Traditional manual carillon action ===
The manual of the keyboard or part that the player's hands are used to play is made up of keys made in appearance as wooden rods. To these levers are connected the transmission wire, typically made of stainless steel that carries the energy up to the bell chamber.
=== Electric action (Non-Traditional) ===
With electric clappers or hammers, electrical impulses from an electric/MIDI keyboard can be used to ring the bell. An advantage of this system is that anyone who can play a piano can make music on the bells. Recent advances in electric ringing technology allows a more natural playing dynamic to be realized using electric clappers or hammers.

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