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Keyboard Voices

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The chime/carillon voice that is selected with the Voice button for keyboard 1 at the time a user recorded selection is saved, will be saved with the selection. That voice will used to perform that selection as long as Voicing Preference menu changes are not made after the recording is saved.
#If voicing preference for Keyboard 1 is changed from Music Setting to Long Listing or vice-versa, unpredictable changes in the selections selection's voicing may occur.
#On dual keyboard installations, if the voicing preference is changed for Keyboard 2, recordings previously made using keyboard 2 will play back using the new preferred voice.
#Selecting NoHp (No Harp) as the preference for "Ch&Hp," while the Music Setting is selected for "Keyb1" the Concert Harp will be used for the Harp part. This would not be a factor if a solo chime was recorded.

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