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Bell Instruments

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A ''chime'' is a collection of enough bells to perform a song or hymn. While we may find simple tunes such as Amazing Grace that ''could'' be performed on a pentatonic peal of six bells, we reserve the term ''chime'' to represent a collection of bells that can ring a reasonable repertoire of tunes for all seasons.
To be useful, the chime should encompass a span of at least one octave (8 diatonic notes). In addition, semitones are often employed to enlarge the number of musical selections that can be played. The most-often added semitone is the minor-seventh. Additionally, many chimes include the sharp-fourth. A flat third will be useful for playing ''Beneath the Cross of Jesus''.
''The Star Spangled Banner'' can be performed on a chime of fourteen bells consisting of twelve diatonic notes, spanning 1-1/2 octaves, plus the sharp fourth and flat seventh. Hundreds of other songs and hymns can be played on this chime instrument.

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