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Bell Instruments

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=== Ring ===
In the United Kingdom you can find hundreds of bell instruments uniquely designed for group participation. A ''ring'' will be comprised of six or more bells.
Each bell in a ''ring of bells'' is suspended in a rotating headstock quite different from a traditional swinging bell headstock. The design of a ringing headstock does not allow the bell to freely swing back and forth. Instead, a bell in a ring swings between two rest positions, right side up and upside down. Each time the bell is moved from one position to the other its clapper strikes the bell's note.
Attached to the headstock is a wheel of sufficient size to allow the bell to be controlled by a rope. The wooden stop that holds the bell at the top position is sprung to allow the rope to be pulled so that the rebound action brings the bell back to the lower rest position.
The ropes used to swing the bells are arranged in a circle in the ringing room and fitted with colored wool grips called sallies. The ringers stand in a circle, each holding their own sally to ring one bell. Rather than playing a music tune, the ringers follow one another to perform sequenced permutations called ''changes''.
=== Chime ===

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