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Six-SS carillon specification

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[[File:SixSS-2017-chassis.png|400px|thumb|right|Six-SS carillon without optional wood cabinet (rack mountable chassis)]]
* [ Musical samples]
* [[Carillon Demonstration|Audio demonstration]]
== Description ==
The Model Chime Master Six-SS carillon is an affordable, full-featured, completely solid state a digital electronic carillon specifically designed for church . Included in the Six-SS are the essential carillon music and bell ringingthat every church should have. It  This product is a stand-alone professional audio device that requires no PC to operatecomponent, designed and built specifically for the purpose of automatic church bell ringing. There are It is completely solid state with no discs, hard drives, external chips or memory cards to lose or damagemoving parts. All church bell ringing and music is stored as digital audio in modern solid state reliable FLASH memory. The Chime Master Carillon is designed to perform flawlessly  Included weekly scheduling features provide flawless performance year after year without seasonal interventionfor most congregations. Additional flexibility can be added with the optional Premium Management software for automated schedule changes. Experienced church musicians have arranged and performed each hymn specifically for the musical bell voice you choose. Swinging bells, pealing bells, clock striking and prayer bells are also included at no extra cost.
We have == Voicing ==* Liturgical bell and clock functions are in the most extensive built-in music libraries available. Experienced church musicians have arranged and performed each hymn specifically for traditional cast bronze bell voice* Choose one of the following musical bell voice you choose. Swinging bells, pealing bells, clock striking voices at time of order:**Concert Chime and prayer bells are also included at no extra cost.[[Harp Bells]] **English Cast Bronze Carillon*Bugles** Taps** Reveille** 18 additional military bugle calls*Bagpipes:** Amazing Grace** The Battle is Over** Goin' Home** I'll Fly Away
== Features ==
*Made in Ohio, USA *No Moving Parts *Five Year Chime Care Warranty *Management Suite ready *"''Set it and forget it" '' ease of use *Hundreds of Management Suite ready - free ''lite'' download includes:** Windows™ compatible** Graphical weekly schedule editing** Special concert ''Jukebox''** Backup*** System settings*** Schedules*User SD/MP3 card slot for user audio files with security plate on front panel*Chime Master exclusive [[SmartAlmanac]]™** Supports liturgical season changes through 2099**Automatic Daylight time switching* Over 600 musical chime selections for all seasons *Church music library *General music library *Church bell liturgical ringing **Call to Worship/Mass bells ** Festive Pealing Bells** Swinging bell recordings with natural endings** Volume fades out bells when manually stopped**Prayer and [[Angelus ]] Bells *Festive Pealing Bells *Funeral Tolls *Time striking **with or without Westminster Chime**easy setup for ringing times**choose full quarters, half or top strike only*Rack Mountable
*Built-in monitor speaker and 1W amplifier
*User SD cardslot for MP3 files
== Options ==
* Oak or walnut furniture grade cabinetry* Equipment racks - wall mount or floor standing* Built-in 60W amplifier (omit Switched AC Receptacle)** Specify for inside monitor or tower speakers at time of order* Radio remote control* Tower clock driver and interface box** Control for modern minute impulse clock movements** Automatic correction of clock dials after power interruption** Clock status monitoring and error display*Choice of Bell voice music library - Catholic, Protestant, General or All* Choice of Easter almanac dates - Eastern Orthodox or Western Standard (at time of order)* Premium [ Management Suite] license** Mobile remote app support (Apple and Android)*** Administer remote user names and passwords**Concert Chime * Set user access times and Harp Bells functions**English Cast Bronze Carillon* Customize remote functionality**Custom seasonal playlists**Annual and special event scheduling*Optional ethnic Ethnic hymn libraries
**Ukranian*Optional Wooden Cabinet *Built-in amplifier (omit Switched AC Receptacle) *Tower clock driverUkrainian
== Connections ==
*Audio **Tower Line Output audio output (Quarter Inch inch TS connector - Unbalancedunbalanced line) *** Horn protection filter (unless ordered with inSpire system) **Tower Control amplifier control (Din-4 - connector)*** Tower audio output (balanced line output and amplifier )*** Amplifier ON/Standby control signal) **PA Output monitor audio output (Quarter Inch inch TS connector - Unbalancedunbalanced line) *** Mutes built-in speaker when used*Data **USB Computer Interface computer interface **Tower Accessory Interface accessory interface ***Supports Chime Master Clock Drive clock movements**Remote Control Radio remote control (eight-function proprietary serial interface) *Switched AC Receptacle for Tower Amplifier (omit if Optional amplifier installed)* Power** 120 VAC 50-60 Hz** Optional 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
== Physical ==
**Walnut cabinet +13 lb.
**60W amplifier +4 lb.
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