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Electronic Carillon Music Library

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Music is stored in the Six-SS carillon as a media recording called a track. These tracks are created using a special studio prototype of the Platinum carillon and a recording computer that captures the performance completely in the digital domain, eliminating the noise and distortion caused by analog converters.
== SmartAlmanac <sup>TM</sup> ==
SmartAlmanac<sup>TM</sup> is our unique and proprietary feature that integrates the music library into our ringing systems. Thirty years after Chime Master debuted this feature, we are still the only company to offer true set-it-and-forget-it scheduling. Instead of scheduling specific songs or even seasonal music to play on certain dates, simply indicate at what times during the week you want music to play. The system will choose appropriate music for the current season from then on, every week, every season, every year.

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