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Keyboard AX

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== Keyboard screen ==
The left side of the screen has eight instrument selectors for up to two keyboards. On the right is a volume control slider for the ''inside monitor speakers'' only. Top The recording controls are in the middle are of the recording controlspage. At the bottom, in the Settings section, is an Instruments button to customize the instrument selectors and an outside speaker enable switch.
The outside speaker switch is off by default, so you always enter the Keyboard screen in practice mode. You can play a live performance by turning the outside speakers on. You may record while in practice or performance mode. When you review your recording with the Play button in the keyboard screen, the outside speakers are always automatically muted. After tapping Play, you can manually turn on the outside speakers if you wish.
=== Primary keyboard ===
: Tolling instruments use heavy hammers and may not be suitable for music
If you are using dual organ manuals, this melodic voice can be accompanied by a harp instrument on the secondary keyboard. If you would like an accompaniment instrument on a single split keyboard, use the split switch in the Instrument customization explained below.
=== Harp keyboard ===
Harp instruments are provided for a second keyboard channel, typically an alternate organ manual. Set the MIDI channels for each organ manual in the [[Keyboard_setup_AX|Keyboard setup screen]] on the AX system settings menu (not the instrument settings).
These buttons have no effect when using a single keyboard or organ manual. In Settings – Keyboard, the Harp Keyboard can be hidden if not used.
;Harp instruments
:Supplied harp instruments span five octaves
=== Recording and playback ===
The In some versions, your recording will always play back using the voice you have selected during the recording regardless of instrument preferences set for factory supplied musicother settings.
To use the record feature, tap the record button (red button with round icon) to enable recording. Recording will begin when you play the first note. Tap the record button again to end the recording. You can listen to your recording before you save it by tapping the green play button; the red stop button will stop the playback.

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