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Premium features
=== Premium features ===
Premium subscribers have additional cloud storage and support for the following additional features: ; Complete system backup: Millennium and Platinum models will backup:: user uploaded media files:: keyboard recordings:: Album and Seasonal database 
; Custom Ringing editor
: Create different lengths of swinging and tolling bells
: Create your own peal combinations of swinging bells
: Create your own clock chiming melodies
: Create your own Angelus or prayer bellsbell patterns
; Complex Schedulingscheduling option
: Ninety-five percent of users will be more than satisfied with our standard scheduling features. Premium Chime Center subscribers can have more sophisticated scheduling management menus providing seasonal schedule variations.
: Customer must request this feature as it adds complexity to the scheduling menus that most users do not need.
: Worship and Mass times can be scheduled differently during a scheduling season.
:: Normal Worship and Mass times can be inhibited during a scheduling season.

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