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Glossary AX

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;Almanac Selected Music Mode
: When you choose this, the Schedule your weekly music concerts so that plays will automatically be selected from a seasonally the [[SmartAlmanac_AX|SmartAlmanac]]<sup>TM</sup> makes the appropriate listtitle selections for the time of year. The music will be shuffled to prevent the songs from always playing in the same order. Just set it and forget it.
: For example, if you would like to hear a song every Monday at 7pm, you can schedule a specific title like Amazing Grace, and every Monday at 7pm, no matter the time of year, Amazing Grace will play. Alternatively, you can choose Almanac Selected Music. You will always hear a different song on Monday at 7pm. When in the Christmas season, the song Monday at 7pm will be a Christmas song. This happens automatically with all the seasons you have enabled. During days which are not holidays, appropriate general hymns and songs will be chosen.

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