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LX AX differentiation
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 This page describes the SmartAlmanac that Chime Master has used on all musical bell ringing products through the year 2020. The information here now applies to the LX Carillon. The new AX touchscreen ringing systems have an advanced [[SmartAlmanac AX]] that you may customize using Chime Center. '''SmartAlmanac<sup>TM</sup>''' is our unique and proprietary feature that integrates the music library into our ringing systems. Thirty years after Decades since Chime Master debuted this feature, we are still the only company offering true set-it-and-forget-it scheduling. Instead of scheduling specific songs or even seasonal music to play on certain dates, simply indicate at what times during the week you want music to play. The system will choose appropriate music for the current season from then on, every week, every season, every year.
SmartAlmanac's festival database includes either Western Gregorian or Eastern Orthodox holidays that move with Easter.

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