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About AX

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1.4.8 update immanent
'''Chime Master Advanced eXperience (AX) Bell Ringing Control Firmware'''<br />
Copyright &copy; 2014-20202021, Chime Master Systems, Lancaster Ohio
== Revisions ==
* Chime Center Premium support for [[Using_Chime_Center#Custom_ringing|customized ringing]]
* Chime Center Premium support for [[Chime_Center#Premium_features|complex scheduling]]
* Special characters all included now on screen keyboard for entering Wi-Fi passwords
* Audio driver improvements
* Libertas title library instrument size awareness
* Improved performance when not Internet connected
* Reliability and security updates
=== 1.4.6 ===
* Accepts blank WiFi Wi-Fi password(although it is a bad idea)
* Connection stability and recovery
* Fixed Bravo and Millennium music arrangement preferences

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