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Customize Home AX

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==== Select Type ====
Select the type of button you want to add to the user's home screen using a pull down menu:
;'''Play Specific Selection'''
:The This button will provide provides a quick concert from one to four specific titles. Options on the edit screen allow you to search within categorized lists to find your selection(s).
;'''Play Album'''
:The button will play Play from the selected Album. Choose to play through the Allbum Album in its entirety, for a duration of a number of minutes or a number of songs.
;'''Play using SmartAlmanac'''
:The button will play Play denominationally and seasonally appropriate random music (as set up using the SmartAlmanac™) for a duration either of a number of minutes or a number of songs from the current SmartAlmanac™ season. Unlike other Types listed, these songs are specific to your denomination, settings and season of the year.
;'''Custom Toll'''
:The This button will prompt you prompts for either the number of strikes or minutes to toll, a tempo for the toll and select a tolling bell. All settings are saved for the next usage, so you can play without entering specific parameters.
;'''Suspend Automation'''
:The This button will show if automation the automatic schedule is enabled and allow users active (green) or suspended (red). Tapping the button will bring up the suspension time screen allowing you to toggle the mode and set a time to suspend the duration of suspensionschedule or immediately resume scheduled activity.
;'''Keyboard screen'''
:Restore You can restore the keyboard button if it has previously been removed.
;'''Remote screen'''

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