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Using Chime.Center

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Custom ringing
Name your file so you can find it later when scheduling or creating a home screen button for it. If you are creating a time strike chime melody, don't forget to create a pattern for each quarter and name them as described in the [[Time_Strike_AX#Custom_clock_chime_melodies|keyboard recording instructions]].
Digital audio bells are indicated using International Pitch Notation with [[Bell_Weights_and_Sizes#By_Musical_Pitch|bell octave notation]] where A4 A3 is a 1000 lb. bell.
If you have tower bells connected to your system, check the '''Use Tower Bell(s)''' box ''before'' adding and selecting bells. Tower bells are selected by relay output channel number from largest to smallest. Missing bell numbers in the selector for toll means the bell is missing a tolling hammer. If you change the tower bell mode after selecting the bells, unintended selections may result, so check the bell selectors.

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