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Using Chime.Center

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Custom ringing: - completed
:Each column filled with squares represents one beat. Green squares trigger the associated bell on the column's beat. Tap the squares to turn them on (green) or off (gray). Tolling bells will be struck on every green square.
:For swinging bells, the first bright green square in the pattern will indicate where the motor should start. Tap on a subsequent beat to turn off the motor, indicated by another bright green square. Darker green squares between the start and stop point will be added to keep the motor running. Note that a swinging bell will take some time to begin ringing after the motor starts, and continue to coast and ring after you turn its motor off. You are also prevented from tolling a bell after it has been swinging to keep the tolling hammer safe. These rules apply for both real tower bells, if yours are connected, as well as our digital swinging bell simulations.
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