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Using Chime.Center

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Custom ringing
:A pattern is generally used for Angelus ringing or Time Strike chimes. You can select either to swing or toll up to 16 bells. Select a ringing tempo for each step in beats per minute.
:As you add bells using the '''Add Bell''' button, rows will be added to the pattern table providing selectors for '''Swing/Toll''' and choice of bell. Previously used bells cannot be selected on additional rows.
:Tap '''Add Bell Step''' to add beats to the end of the pattern. If you need the new beat inserted earlier in the pattern you can drag it left using the '''<-->''' button.
:Each column filled with squares represents one beat. Green squares trigger the associated bell on the column's beat. Tap the squares to turn them on (green) or off (gray). Tolling bells will be struck on every green square.

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