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Connect inSpire Professional AX

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Out C option 1. Subwoofer 2. stereo inside
:These amplifier channels are equalized to provide a balanced response when used with the long-throw horns
:Output C on the 1600W amplifier is dedicated to driving the sub-woofer.
:Level is controlled by Zone A which is generally set to be the louder channel.
:If stereo mode is used, larger bells are found toward the left channel which is routed to Zone A.
:Often the sub-woofer is installed facing downward to disperse low frequencies in all directions.
;Inside speaker
:Output C on the 1600W amplifier is for the right inside speaker (Monitor 2 - optionalif no sub-woofer)
:Output D on the 1600W amplifier is for the left inside speaker (Monitor 1)

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