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Bell Ringing Components

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<br>When announcing times of prayer or mourning, a toll of the bell while it is stationary is more appropriate.
The diagram shows such a hammer (I) actuated by an electromagnet (J) that allows an [ electric [Libertas_master_clock_controller|Libertas bell control system]] to sound the hour, announce prayer times or count the age of the person being memorialized.
=== Stationary Bell ===
=== Electronics ===
==== Automation controller ====
Modern The [[Libertas_master_clock_controller|Libertas bell ringing equipment control system]] makes use of the latest electronic technology to control bell ringing schedules, ringing patterns and music as well as providing time synchronization and convenient remote control options.
==== Power switching ====
Advanced power switching panels ensure that high currents are applied to the ringing components only as long as it is needed. This keeps the tower safe from electric shock, prevents actuator overheating, and damage to the bell.
High voltage circuits should be switched through dry mechanical relay components because even the most advanced solid state circuits leak some currents. Solid state power switching is only acceptable when a dry contact master contactor relay enables the high voltage to the individual outputs only during ringing.

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