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It is important to transpose the music properly for the bell voice you will use to play it back. Automated chimes and carillons are always transposed to ring the largest bell on middle C, or C4 (Midi note 60) regardless of their true pitch. Millennium Cast Bronze carillon voices range from C3 to C8. Millennium Chime and harp selections use a split keyboard with the harp from C3 to Bb5 and the chime from B5 to C8. Notes above and below these ranges are prohibited.
The latest software and firmware (included with Management Suite software, : [http dl/ download here-link]) updates will successfully import and faithfully perform a MIDI file having tempo and time signature changes.
Some users have noticed that stacking lots of notes in fast changing chords may overload the playback engine of the carillon or bell controller resulting in a slight slowing of playback tempo. Quickly arppegiating dense chords will avoid this slowdown without a noticeable change of arrangement. Striking the larger bells before smaller bells is customary. Arrangements that are kind to the listener's ears will avoid striking more than two notes simultaneously.

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