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Operate LX Carillon

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<div style="font-size:84%">'''[[Chime_Master_Help|Help]] > [[Operating manuals]] '''</div>

Downloadable and printable PDF manuals coming soon.

== Front panel menus ==
=== Standby display ===
When the system is idle, we say that it is in Standby, waiting either for a manual command or an automatic schedule event to trigger. The display may be in a dim screen saver mode that moves the current time around the display. Pressing one of the gray cursor keys will exit screen saver and show the following display:

N 3:02* PM. MON 05-26
Swng Peal Toll Hymn

The top line indicates
* Current [[Seasonal_options_setup_menu#Use_US_Patriotic|SmartAlmanac season]]
** '''N''' Nonseasonal music for ordinary time
** '''P''' US Patriotic
** '''L''' Lent
** '''E''' Easter
** '''M''' Marian
** '''T''' Thanksgiving
** '''A''' Advent
** '''C''' Christmas
* Current time
** an asterisk after the minutes indicates [[Seasonal_options_setup_menu#Auto_DST_change|Daylight saving time]]
** a period after the AM/PM indication shows that the [[Settings_MS_SixSS#Synchronize_Clock|time is synchronized]]
* Day of the week
* Date

The bottom line indicates an abbreviated name for each of the first four programmable [[#Remote_control_and_function_buttons|function/remote buttons]].

=== Main menu items ===

Press the ''Enter'' button to bring up the Main Menu. Press the cursor up or cursor down button until the desired menu selection flashes, then press the ''Enter'' button again to go into that menu. Pressing a numeric button for the item number will also quickly access each menu item shown below in '''bold'''.

* [[Play selections menu|Play Selections]] ('''0''') plays any selections manually.
* [[View-edit schedule menu|View/Edit Schedule]] (shortcut '''1''') is used to review and modify the active weekly ringing schedule.
* System Setup Menu ('''2''') contains the following sub-menus that are used to configure the bell system.

=== System Setup menu items ===

* [[Time strike/auto level setup menu|Time Strike/Auto Level]] ('''0''') globally sets time strike and volume level changes for blocks of time.
* [[Set system clock setup menu|Set System Clock]] ('''1''') makes adjustments to the system time and date. Also see [[Daylight Saving setup menu]] for instructions for changing the dates DST will change.
* [[Edit remote button setup menu|Edit Remote Button]] ('''2''') is an editor for eight programmable buttons on the front panel that allow easy access to common functions. Schedule these functions using [[Macro code reference|functional macro codes]] to simplify changes to automatic ringing styles.
* [[Seasonal options setup menu|Seasonal Options]] ('''3''') makes changes to the SmartAlmanac features, enables Daylight Time adjustments, inside/outside speaker zoning options and musical style preferences.
* Power off-Save State ('''4''') saves your latest schedule and setup changes to permanent memory before powering off the carillon for storage or shipping.
* [[Security options setup menu|Security Options]] ('''5''') allows you to set a PIN number to unlock the front panel keypad to prevent unauthorized tampering.

== Operation ==
=== Quick function buttons ===
The top row of numeric buttons ''1'' through ''4'' on the front panel of the Chime Master System Unit provide quick access to common ringing functions. The buttons have the following factory defaults and are labeled on the lower line of the display:
# Swing - one minute call to worship/Mass bell
# Peal - five minute celebration/wedding peal
# Toll - five minute funeral toll
# Hymn - four selections of music appropriate to the current season

The red ''Stop'' button on the remote duplicates the red ''Stop'' button on the front panel. Whenever the system is playing, pressing stop will cause the selection to be interrupted. If a function with multiple selections is programmed, then the next selection in the sequence may play after the current one is canceled. To cancel all selections, press ''Stop'' at least two times.

When a selection is ready to play, the green ''Play'' button duplicates the action of the ''Play'' button on the front panel.

The buttons (as well as buttons 5-8) can be [[Edit remote button setup menu|re-programmed]] from the factory functions. Entering zeros for the program will restore the factory settings.

=== Monitor volume control ===
You may adjust the inside volume level by pressing either the cursor up or cursor down button to raise or lower the volume level.

=== While a selection is playing ===

During the performance of a music or ringing selection, the display will indicate the selection that is playing on the lower line of the front panel screen. The current date and time will continue to be displayed on the top line.

You can reject the selection that is playing or all selections that are queued to play. Press the red ''Stop'' button once to go to the next selection, or double click it to reject the entire program.

=== Automation suspend ===

Press and hold the zero button for three seconds to suspend automation. The default suspension time is three hours.

The time display will alternate between the current time and ''Automation Suspended'' every two seconds. During suspension of the automatic schedule, manual selections may be played with the remote control or front panel function buttons.

Press and hold the zero button to resume scheduled ringing.

== Troubleshooting ==
* Playing your own MP3 files on the user's [[Using_SD_Cards|SD Card]]

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