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Libertas LX Specification

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[[File:2206LibertasWallLibertasLX.png|200px400px|thumb|leftright|2206 Libertas wall mounted church bell controllerLX<sup>™</sup>]]
== Description ==
The '''Chime Master 2206 Libertas Basic LX''' is an automatic bell control system for one to six bells. This product is designed and built specifically for the purpose of automatic church bell ringing.
Included weekly scheduling features provide flawless performance year after year without intervention for most congregations. Additional flexibility can be added with the optional Premium Management software for automated schedule changes.
** Westminster (5-bells)
** Westminster (4-bells)
** Christus Vincit (requires 6-bellsof specific pitch)
** Warren
** Bigelow
* PIN code keypad access security
*Automatic Daylight time switching
*Management Suite ready - free ''lite'' download includes:** Windows™ compatible** Graphical weekly schedule editing** Special concert ''Jukebox''Wall mount standard** Backup*** System settings*** Schedules*Wall mount Table top or Rack mountable chassis optionmounting options
== Options ==
** Automatic correction of clock dials after power interruption
** Clock status monitoring and error display
* Premium [ Management Suite] license** Mobile remote app support (Apple and Android)*** Administer remote user names and passwords*** Set user access times and functions*** Customize remote functionality**Annual and special event scheduling* Standard [[Libertas_bell_control_hookup#Data_Cable|CAT5 Four conductor data cable]] to tower** Optional [[optical fiber interface]] System powered from tower up to tower300 feet** Optional wireless interface 100-240VAC to tower12VDC power adapter
== Connections ==
* Data
** USB computer interface Tower CAT5 or dual twisted pair cabling*** T - Data +/- to tower accessories*** P - Power +/- from tower** Tower accessory ** required to power interface with standard CAT5 cablingeven if using local power supply input*** Chassis Ground - connect to local safety ground** Direct connection to Chime Master bell relay panels*** Supports Chime Master clock movements** Radio remote control (eight-function proprietary serial interface)* Power** Supplied with tower accessory cable (Wall mounted chassis option)** 120 VAC 50-60 Hz (Rack mounted chassis option)
== Physical ==
* Wall Mount DimensionsWithout brackets or stand** Height is 5-1/4 inches high, 9 inches** Width is 9 wide, 2-1/4 inchesdeep** Depth is 2 incheslbs weight*Rack Mount DimensionsWith tabletop stand**Height is 5-13/4 inches (3U rackspace)**Width is 19 high, 9 inches wide, 5-1/2 inchesdeep**Depth is 152-3/4 (allow 17 inches for cabling)pounds weight*Optional rack wood cabinet dimensionsWall mount** 7-1/2 H x 205-1/4 inches high, 9 inches wide, 2 W x 16-3/4 Ddeep*Weight** Wall mount option*** 6 lb.3 pounds weight** Rack mount option***No options: 20 lb.5-1/4 inches (3U) high, 19 inches wide, 2-1/4 inches deep***Oak cabinet +14 lb.***Walnut cabinet +13 lb.3-1/4 pounds weight
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