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Install Management Suite

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/* Missing DLL driver message
== Missing DLL error message ==
Do not start Management Suite until the USB driver for the carillon has loaded.
* Check the USB connection
* Newer versions of Windows check the internet for drivers before looking in the programs folder
* Allow several minutes while waiting for the Millennium Carillon is ready to use notification
OccasionallyIf the drivers fail to load correctly, the first use of go to Windows Device Manager. Management Suite after the installation will fail to properly recognize should be on the carillon device driversmain list or under Universal Serial Bus controllers. Close the program Right-click and reboot the PC choose to reset this errorupdate drivers.
If you wish to work on schedules and save to the drivers fail to load correctlylocal drive for loading into the carillon later, go close this warning window and continue to Windows Device Manager. use Management Suite should be on the main list or under Universal Serial Bus controllers. Right-click and choose to update driverswithout a carillon connection.
== License Issues ==

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