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Using Chime.Center

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Accounts and Settings
== Administrative features ==
=== User Accounts and Settings ===
;Manage Users
:Lists users who have access to the system and their role.
Permission Levels (roles)==== User Roles ====
* '''Basic'''
** Homepage and remote screen is defined by administrator
** Allows remote management of multiple systems and local users, but no local system front panel login
All users options:==== User Options ====
:'''Add New User''' blue button - Provide an email address for the user, set a front panel PIN code and set permission levels. The user will receive an email invitation to Chime Center.
:'''Logout All Users''' red button is a ''nuclear'' option to be used when you suspect someone may have gained unauthorized access to your system. This will force all users to supply email and passwords to log in to Chime Center. It will also require remote control users to re-scan a QR code re-authenticate their remote app.
::Limit the user's access times to certain times of day and days of the week (applicable to local PIN login, Chime Center and Remote app).
=== Settings ===
;Music Settings
:Multiple arrangement types can be enabled for the SmartAlmanac music (enabled arrangements are chosen randomly for each selection).

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