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Using Chime.Center

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Schedules and settings
:Chime Master has provided each Advanced eXperience system with a library of preset Albums. An album is a collection of selection titles. Each album has music that is appropriate for specific musical styles, seasons or occasions.
:In this menu, you can add, edit or delete albums from your system, as well as add and delete selections from existing albums. If you choose to delete an album or delete a selection from an album, you are not deleting any selections, either custom or prerecorded, from the system itself. There is no limit to the number of titles in an Album but if you make it too small, it will become sound repetitiveunless other albums are included with it in a season of more than one day. You can always edit an album to add more titles or group it with other Albums to avoid this problem.
:The Edit Album screen allows you to edit the name of the album. This does not rename the album, but instead creates a copy of the original album with the new name. The new album will not be included in seasons until you edit each season that needs it. You should also remove the original album to prevent duplicated music in the season.

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