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Platinum AX

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== Specification ==
=== Music library ===
Our beautiful and expansive musical library has been performed by experienced and inspired church musicians. Each song is available in up to five styles of arrangements:
* Monophonic - melody only - suitable for any instrument, even the louder tolling bell instruments
* Simple - begins with the melody then adds simple harmony - can be played on any chime or carillon instrument
* Three-Octave - artistically arranged for any carillon instrument
* FIveFive-Octave - embellished carillon arrangements with deep tones and soaring arpeggios
* Two-Part - melody on chime or carillon accompanied by an harp bell instrument
You can assign each arrangement style to its own bell instrument. Enable only your favorite arrangement style to create your own unique sound.
The library can be expanded using a MIDI keyboard or compatible organ to add your own custom recordings.

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