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Home screen AX

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''' [[Login_screen_AX|&larr; Previous Section]] &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [[Play_Selection_AX|Next section &rarr;]] '''</div>
The home screen presents the main menu for each user of the system (multi-user features available December 2019). When the system is unlocked and the home screen is loaded, the [[Amplifier_inSpire_AX|tower amplifier]] will also become active so selections will play immediately.
== Toolbar ==
;System status indicator colors and icons:
[[File:StatusIconsAX.png|frameless|right|220px180px]]: '''Blue ''' for Standby: '''Yellow ''' for Initializing (amplifier waking up): '''Green ''' for Ready: '''Red ''' for Muted (upper half outside, lower half inside zones) : '''Music note icon ''' is displayed during selection play: '''Keyboard icon ''' is displayed when keyboard mode is active : '''Diagonal white slash ''' indicates that automation is suspended
== User home menu ==
: brings up the [[Schedule_AX|scheduler menu]].
: brings up the system settings menu.

Navigation menu