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Remote AX

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== Functionality ==
Your home screen will now be available on your phone or tablet to activate quick functions for music and ringing. You can create and edit these quick functions using Settings - [[Customize_Home_AX|Customize Home menu]].
=== Keyboard page ===
The keyboard page provides you with practice and performance features. The keyboard will play inside only by default, but you can switch on outside zones if desired. You can record, save and title your recordings, all within this app. This is especially helpful if your organ or keyboard is not right next to your bell system.
=== Amplifier delay ===
[[File:StatusIconsAX.png|frameless|right|180px]]The status icon at the top right of the display shows the audio system status. Launching the remote app now immediately wakes the audio system, but it takes a few seconds for the amplifiers to be ready to play. If you initiate ringing before the amplifiers are ready, you will experience a delay before ringing begins.
Closing the app screen starts a five minute timeout after which the amplifier will return to sleep mode.
The secure access authentication given in the QR code can be set to expire after so many days by the administrator. Upon expiration you will not be able to access the remote without re-scanning the QR code.
The administrator can also set restricted access times that during which the remote control will refuse connections.
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