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Remote AX

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== Normal usage Setup ==
Tapping the Remote button on your front panel home the system's touch screen brings up a screen that has a Quick Response (QR) code on it. Scan the code with your phone or tablet to load the remote control page on your device.
With Internet access, the code will take you to your home screen served by the Chime Center web portal. Both the bell system and your phone/tablet must be connected to the Internet. Use your browser menu to save the remote control to your phone's home screen. You will be able to use your phone to control the bell system from anywhere you have an internet connection.
Look for a banner at the bottom of future app releases to install the app to your smart device home screen.
=== Functionality ===
Your home screen will now be available on your phone or tablet to activate quick functions for music and ringing. You can create and edit these quick functions using Settings - [[Customize_Home_AX|Customize Home menu]].
You will see the same quick function buttons as you do when you log in to the front screen of the bell system. You can pre-plan and [[Customize_Home_AX|create buttons for specific songs]] ahead of time for use on the remote.
[[Play_Selection_AX|Play Selection]] is not available on the remote at this time, but we expect it to be released in a 2020 update.
==== Keyboard page ====
The keyboard page provides you with practice and performance features. The keyboard will play inside only by default, but you can switch on outside zones if desired. You can record, save and title your recordings, all within this app. This is especially helpful if your organ or keyboard is not right next to your bell system.
If you wish to change the six voices available to you on the app, you can edit them on the touch screen Keyboard menu by tapping Instruments under Settings.
==== Amplifier delay ====
Launching the remote app now immediately wakes the audio system, but it takes a few seconds for the amplifiers to be ready to play. If you initiate ringing before the amplifiers are ready, you will experience a delay before ringing begins.
== Limited connectivity modes ==
Without an Internet connection there are two alternate ways to control the system. This is easier for some phones and tablets than others because the phone will continually 'hunt' for Internet access. Without Internet updates, your local remote control screen may lack all of the functionality described above.
=== Local Area Network ===

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