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Operate AX products

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Thank you for purchasing your new Chime Master Platinum Advanced eXperience™ virtual bell instrument! As our newest product line, this manual is subject to change as features are enhanced and released. Check back often for updates.
This document may be printed by clicking ''Printable version'' under '''Tools''' in the sidebar (desktop view, see footer).
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== Getting started ==
=== Initial settings and schedules ===
;IMPORTANT:Chime Master often sets up and programs systems prior to shipment, according to the needs of the client.:Read this section to avoid losing your settings.
==== Reviewing the schedule ====
Chime Master often pre-programs systems prior to shipment according to the needs of the client. To review such a schedule or check to see if your system does not have a schedule, bring up the Schedule Review screen:
* Login with the PIN code (initially '''1234''').
* Tap the Schedule button.

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