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InSpire audio connections

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Millennium hookup (legacy systems)
# Remove the 70V Jumper on from the terminal on the full-range horn.
# Connect the full-range channel supply cable from the amplifier (Channel C) to the full-range horn. Connect the white wire to the COM terminal, and the black wire to the 4 Ohm voice coil terminal.
=== Millennium Carillon connections ===
# Use the supplied amplifier control cable to connect the ''Amplifier Control'' jack on the carillon to ''Input 1'' and ''GPI''. This supplies both tower audio and power/standby control to the amplifier.
# Connect the carillon to AC power.
# Connect the amplifier to AC power.
# The carillon has been shipped with the scheduled outside volume set to ''Level 4''. It can be [[Time_strike/auto_level_setup_menu|adjusted]] for different times of the week from level 1 to 8.
==== Optional Millennium optional inside speaker ====
# Use the supplied 1/4 inch to green Euro connector to connect the ''Line Output Inside'' jack on the carillon to ''Input 4'' on the amplifier.
# Connect the lead from the inside speaker to the amplifier's ''Output D'' terminals. The volume level is set using the cursor up/down buttons on the front panel, or the iOS/Android Church Bell Remote App's monitor volume buttons.

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