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No sound

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Testing speaker line
# Leave the two wires at the amplifier end disconnected, not touching each other, or any other conductive material.
# Go to the speaker location, open the junction box, disconnect the cable from the amplifier from the speakers and take a measurement. There should be no resistance reading (no change on the Ohm Meter's display). Any numerical reading on the meter will indicate a short on the speaker cable.
# At the speaker location, short the two wires together on the cable that runs down to the amplifier. Then at the amplifier end of the cable put the Ohm Meter test leads on the two wires of the cable. A non-numeric reading will indicate an open (possibly cut) cable. For 14 AWG SJTO cableand a low voltage DC Ohm meter, you should see about 0.006 Ohms per foot of cable (don't forget to subtract the resistance of your meter's leads).

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